Our trainings and COVID-19

Training execution

We carry out our Outdoor Trainings in Germany, Austria and Slovenia while maintaining the recommended hygiene standards.

Hygiene guidelines during our trainings

We ask all participants to follow the general information for the public of the WHO to minimize the risk of infection, if applicable:

As far as applicable in the course setting, we will also follow these rules and, for once, we will not hug or shake hands with familiar faces, but only give you the friendly smile you know from us. We also ask all participants to maintain this social distance.

In addition, regardless of the current situation, it is not advisable for your own well-being to take part in a physically demanding training with flu-like symptoms and/or high fever. We ask once again, especially now, not to take part in the corresponding trainings with such symptoms - as difficult as this may feel in individual cases.

Further information

For up-to-date information on this topic, please refer to the WHO page on COVID-19: